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Mars Gravity Simulator photo - Brett East

Mars Gravity Simulator


Awfully Wonderful - Science Fiction in Contemporary Art, Performance Space, Sydney

Mars Gravity Simulator is a fully functioning experiment adapted from the design of Apollo-era lunar gravity simulators, but made for Martian conditions. It can be used to assess the maneuverability of astronauts at a gravity approximately 40% that of Earth gravity, as well as to study gait changes for those conditions. Locomotion styles copied from Apollo landing footage were tested for speed and efficacy and conclusions were drawn as to the most affective gait for human bipedal locomotion in Mars gravity.

Mars Gravity Simulator is a real art/science crossover project. It is a hugely engaging performance work that draws the audience into a complex area of scientific activity. The work suggests there is a parallel between exploration and the creative imagination by presenting a purely scientific experiment in a major art venue. The technical ‘beauty’ of the work becomes something to admire.

Mars Gravity Simulator was commissioned for the exhibition 'Awfully Wonderful: Science Fiction in Contemporary Art’, 15th April - 14th May, 2011, Performance Space, Sydney.