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Japan Radio Flag 2018, pigment print & synthetic polymer on canvas, 16 x 20 inches

New Flags

18th Street Arts Center Santa Monica CA

January 2018

In these new works produced on residency at 18th Street Arts Center, Australian artist Adam Norton uses postcard images to extend out the picture plane and produce broader paintings that take on the flat aspects of flags. The found images mostly consist of iconic American geography that has been mediated by the hand of man - cityscapes, bridges, landscapes such as Mount Rushmore - and contain mechanical and technical architectures of large scale engineering and manipulation. Norton places these small postcard images into the new context of a larger, planar landscape. This process isolates the original image within a new two-dimensional space and lends the new complete image a flag-like quality, whilst retaining a tension between the three-dimensional quality of the original image and the flat color field of the new picture plane.