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Roswell, New Mexico - Timeline Installation detail - 'The Visitors: The Australian Response To Aliens And UFOs', Penrith Regional Art Gallery, 2007

Roswell, New Mexico - Timeline


The Visitors: The Australian response to aliens and UFOs, Penrith Regional Art Gallery, 2007. This work is basically a research piece. This work is a visual presentation of all the research I have conducted about the New Mexican town of Roswell, USA and attached to a time line from 25,000 years ago until the present time. I visited Roswell in 2007, and collected anything I could find about the town that might shed some light onto why the town has become such a centre for Alien Conspiracy Stories/history. I think it is deeply significant that the The 509th Bomb Group were stationed at the Walker Airforce Base at Roswell during the UFO crash incident. The 509th were responsible for the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.